Free ads on

Here’s my new service: It shows all advertisements from the Dutch marketplace Marktplaats that are given price tag: FREE, sorted by newest first. So this could be useful for anyone that’s interested in for example a second-hand sofa set or just wants to see what’s been given away for free.
You can sort by category or select a city to filter on.

It uses the Marktplaats API to get the latest advertisements. I parse all json output and use Justified-Gallery, a jQuery addon, to create the grid.
Full code is available on GitHub.

Kijkcijfers – online service with Graphs for Dutch TV Ratings

I’ve released, a service where Dutch people can view how popular a TV show is. It gives a graph of the latest ratings, coming from Stichting Kijkonderzoek.

If you like this tool, please share it so more people know it exists!
A issue with Google: for some reason Google indexes the page before the Angular library has been loaded, so their database doesn’t match with what’s visible (example). If anyone finds a solution for that, please comment below. Thanks!